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Why Social Networking Websites Opt for Blue Color in their Logos?

Every company studies the color psychology before designing and finalizing its brand identity. The color psychology helps the companies select the relevant and suitable colors for their logos, for example: red color increases appetite therefore many restaurants and fast food chains go for this color, such as McDonald’s, Lays, Coca-Cola; purple is used for creative and imaginative brand and is used by Yahoo!, Wonka, Hallmark, etc.

Colors are crucial for brand development for it strengthens the brand positioning and brings positivity among the customers. Every color has something unique to tell and relate to us in different ways. Every color has a different way to influence our feelings, mood and emotions. Notice how related brands and companies within the industry use the same colors, such as, McDonalds and KFC, Shell and DHL and many more. This is a coincidence or companies do it deliberately? Have you noticed how so many of social media logos represent no other color than blue? Why is this so? What’s the psychology behind the blue color and the social media? Is there any connection?

socialmediaIf we talk only about the social media logo design and the repetitive blue color then the psychology behind the color blue is that it emits sense of honesty, calmness, security and trust. Blue is related to strength, professionalism, success, authority and dependability. Blue also relates to faithfulness and loyalty. According to survey conducted by Dulux Paints, blue is one most popular color, based on the feedback from 30 countries, including 42% males and 30% females. One reason why social media companies choose blue as their color of brand identity is that blue is known to smoothen and ease the flow of communication.


Launched about a decade ago, Facebook allows friends and family to interact and stay connected with each other. To set trust and dependability on the users and customers so that they easily share their personal photos, conversations and videos on the social media, blue was the chosen color for the logo.


Sharing instant updates is the specialty of Twitter. The blue color in Twitter logo allows customers to rely on the privacy of personal data with trust, sense of security and safety.


Since 2002, LinkedIn has been the popular social network for professionals, enabling them to meet, connect and chat. The blue logo boosts the social media professionalism and trustworthiness among the users.


Social network, Instagram, asks its users to share their personal photos and videos with their Instagram connections. This is why this social media forum needed to communicate a sense of security, credibility and trustworthiness and did so by turning their logo from black to blue.


European largest social network after Facebook uses blue in its logo design to establish sign of security, reliability and friendliness.

Summing Up

Blue color is not confined to the social media but it is also widely used by social media blogs, for example Mashable and Moz use blue logos to give their users sense of openness, dependability and ease.