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Why Social Networking Websites Opt for Blue Color in their Logos?

Every company studies the color psychology before designing and finalizing its brand identity. The color psychology helps the companies select the relevant and suitable colors for their logos, for example: red color increases appetite therefore many restaurants and fast food chains go for this color, such as McDonald’s, Lays, Coca-Cola; purple is used for creative and imaginative brand and is used by Yahoo!, Wonka, Hallmark, etc.

Colors are crucial for brand development for it strengthens the brand positioning and brings positivity among the customers. Every color has something unique to tell and relate to us in different ways. Every color has a different way to influence our feelings, mood and emotions. Notice how related brands and companies within the industry use the same colors, such as, McDonalds and KFC, Shell and DHL and many more. This is a coincidence or companies do it deliberately? Have you noticed how so many of social media logos represent no other color than blue? Why is this so? What’s the psychology behind the blue color and the social media? Is there any connection?

socialmediaIf we talk only about the social media logo design and the repetitive blue color then the psychology behind the color blue is that it emits sense of honesty, calmness, security and trust. Blue is related to strength, professionalism, success, authority and dependability. Blue also relates to faithfulness and loyalty. According to survey conducted by Dulux Paints, blue is one most popular color, based on the feedback from 30 countries, including 42% males and 30% females. One reason why social media companies choose blue as their color of brand identity is that blue is known to smoothen and ease the flow of communication.


Launched about a decade ago, Facebook allows friends and family to interact and stay connected with each other. To set trust and dependability on the users and customers so that they easily share their personal photos, conversations and videos on the social media, blue was the chosen color for the logo.


Sharing instant updates is the specialty of Twitter. The blue color in Twitter logo allows customers to rely on the privacy of personal data with trust, sense of security and safety.


Since 2002, LinkedIn has been the popular social network for professionals, enabling them to meet, connect and chat. The blue logo boosts the social media professionalism and trustworthiness among the users.


Social network, Instagram, asks its users to share their personal photos and videos with their Instagram connections. This is why this social media forum needed to communicate a sense of security, credibility and trustworthiness and did so by turning their logo from black to blue.


European largest social network after Facebook uses blue in its logo design to establish sign of security, reliability and friendliness.

Summing Up

Blue color is not confined to the social media but it is also widely used by social media blogs, for example Mashable and Moz use blue logos to give their users sense of openness, dependability and ease.


The Halloween Mash up for the social networks

This blog is for fun purposes only. It presents the idea what if the social networks were horror movies. Often the idea of sharing data gets bizarre when there are not enough privacy settings to protect the audience data and secure their information. It is a horror movie in itself when people share their data, post images and the data and images gets stolen and are posted online somewhere else. This is about freaky social media.

But, a social media can be non-freaky when you add common sense with good security measures. All the difference in the online world! This guide is about some of the strategic practices and proper guide of where to start. In the occasion of Halloween, this post presents you some creepy horror movies mashed up with social networks. Just for Halloween amusement!


This social network is linked with the Hitchcock’s classic film, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, as it is named. This fits with the birdy logo design of Twitter and represents the menacing birds of the movie which turns vicious on people.
twitter halloween logo


For this social network, an ultra-creepy looking villain is chosen from the movie ‘Hell raiser’. The villain’s look and character instantly ties with the Pinterest where the social users look to save and share their pins to their profiles.
facebook halloween

tumblr_ltycqoIOM41qm4rc3This social network is associated with ‘The Blair Witch Project’ which incorporated the one long, shaky selfie video. Instagram suited this movie as it itself encourage the selfie-friendly socialization.


This professional social network is linked with the movie ‘American Psycho’ where the character Patrick Batman is the psychotic killer, who on the outside is a sharply-dressed businesses man, over-obsessed over details.
LinkediN halloween

This social network is linked with the movie ‘The Shining’. The crazy character Jack Torrance sticks his face through the door. This is an iconic horror film image.

social halloween


The most freaky horror character of all times, Samara, the girl who crawls out of well in ‘The Ring’ is linked with the highly ranked video search engine, YouTube. The movie revolves around a cursed video tape but since gone are the VHS days, this movie is associated with YouTube instead. It brings in the creepy thought if a cursed clip goes viral!
youtube halloween

halloween effect
So, this was about the Halloween mash up of the highly used social networking sites to have social-Halloween fun. Let us know what you think about the ideas.

Images Courtesy by Ryan Holmes

The famous logo design controversy of 2012 Olympics

Any logo can go bad, no matter how much you invest. Lack of the effectiveness and the simple creativity fails the logo and the brand and even the customers. Such a blunder was made in 2012 London Olympics. When the logo was presented, people went in shock, not because it was too good but because it was too bad. The Olympics in general faced the controversy and tragedy due to the failed logo. It was criticized for its radical design and even considered as a religious uproar when people highlighted that the logo represents the word ‘Zion’ hidden in the text.

olympics logo design

Apart from the criticism, there is still a lot to learn from the pitfalls of 2012 Olympic logo design in London. We need to look at what really went wrong so we learn and apply the concepts driven in our future logos.

Olympic logo is important as it introduces the brand identity of the traditional gaming competition and attracts the global audience and makes the city fall under a global spotlight. It generally reflects the city, the sense of the games and the time period. It also reflects the hoist country’s values and culture. The London Olympics logo failed in all the categories. With its bright pink and yellow color, it brought a sense of excitement and energy in the logo but that’s about it. There was no significant association with the popular games, Olympics. There was no association with London’s culture, history and values. There was nothing special, surprising and amazing about the design, in short. The design simply implies the year 2012 without any clear concept and message delivered. Even the digits 2012 are so bizarrely placed and shaped that it didn’t have the appeal and legibility.

The logo design lacks modernity, culture and value of the London city, and fails to captivate and stun the audience. What actually should have been the reality?

  • It must have reflected the era with different sensation in a traditional or folk style of London. This way you have a deadly combination of modernism with folk
  • Effective use of symbols and letters must have given a deeper meaning to the logo, which it didn’t
  • The color must reflect the optimism and dynamic culture of London city in 2012 era
  • Font must reflect the effectiveness and significance with modern and sleek choice and stylized design
  • It should establish the brand identity strongly with creative patterns and effective representation of the logo concept and the modernism

All in all, the logo has failed to represent the culture, the style of 2012 and the excitement of Olympics. But do not let your business logo fails like this. Choose wisely. Select the professional logo creators of Logo Design 24/7 and get effective logo within specific time period with quality, credibility, uniqueness and effectiveness; all at affordable prices.

Every Business Must Have A Presence On Social Networking Websites

It is important for all businesses to have a social media presence and be on social networking websites for this purpose. The experience of online social interactions has evolved and enhanced itself greatly it’s not just limited to teenagers wanting to interact with new people. People of all ages and all backgrounds have discovered that they can improve their lives or stay better connected with the world outside their reach through the contacts they make on social networking website.

A social networking website is a simple process of growing the number of people you know by meeting your friends’ friends, their friends’ friends and so on. Many of us have a social presence on Twitter and Facebook to promote our existing and upcoming businesses.

Such people who are looking to connect with other businesses or contacts with other business peers also use sites like LinkedIn, but the big thing to observe is that social media and its importance are far beyond Facebook LinkedIn and having blogs. It’s a land of various interactive websites that give you the opportunity to connect. I will give you ten more examples of such sites:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social utility that connects folks with their buddies and others who work, study and live around them. Folks use Facebook to keep up with buddies, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

2. MySpace:

This is a renowned network for having a social media presence. It gives the opportunity to connect with friends and add more friends in your space from all over. Also you can make your customized blog.

3. Twitter:

Twitter is an exceptionally simple interface; it is quickly turning into a standout amongst the most talked-about interpersonal interaction administration suppliers. After making a record on Twitter, you can utilize the administration to post and gain messages to a system of contacts, which is superior to composing and perusing mass message messages.

4. Bebo:

This is a website mostly used in the United Kingdom; it is the second best social network over there. Bebo allows users to create social networking profiles for free.

5. Hi5 or Tagged:

This website is also one of the known social media networking website. It gives an option to of being present in online communities.

6. Flixster:

It’s a social networking site for all the movie fans. It gives an option to all the users to make their profiles, invite friends in there, and rate movies and actors, and post movie reviews for the films they’ve viewed.

7. Multiply:

This is a very vibrant social website it’s actually a one stop shopping destination, it’s an interface where buyers and sellers connect with each other and the whole process becomes faster and more convenient.

If you want to possess a website developed for social networking, choose Logo Design 24/7, In order to make your Website Design to the highest in today’s competitive world, you would like to boost up your traffic activities, generate sensible leads and manage your website’s content as well.