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4 basic steps to create a good website design

Celebrate your business by Celebrating Independence. It is important to freshen up your business collateral, communication techniques and add colors of celebration to your website design and share your business products and services with your potential customers.

There are at present more than 500 million websites in the world. Creating great website design has become simple and manageable task. Getting your company online is one of the best things you can do to reach your customers. Many people find it difficult to make their online presence felt. So, in this article we have outlined four common steps to help you to make your sites memorable and engaging.

website design

Give strong and clear message

If you want to create a successful and engaging site, give a strong and clear message so that all your visitors can understand. It is the best way to communicate your business purpose. Use error free language on your home page so that search engines can categorize your site for appropriate keywords and phrases.


The next important feature of a good website design is navigation. There are so many sites that have failed to include clear navigation tabs or well structured pages that can lead visitors to relevant pages of their site. It is important to organize information in a simple and structured way. Think and decide the general path that you would like a site visitor to take. In most of the cases adding sub-pages to the top navigation helps in organizing information effectively.

Content rich site

Your website content plays an important role in attracting potential customers. So, it is important not to overload the information on your site. Overloaded information creates a wall between customers engagement. Follow these basic rules to make your site more engaging:

    • Leave the white space because it allows visitors to breathe
    • Always segment your information into categories
    • Provide an intuitive search method
    • Establish a design language using blurbs, excerpts and call to actions

Build Community

For a business, building community means making one of the best investments. So, it is essential for your business to establish an online presence and Start with your networks you know and are active on. In addition to social media platforms you can also create and maintain a blog to build community.


Creative Website Design Trends for 2015

2014 is coming to an end, we’ve all worked with the changing trends in our website designs, but as this year ends there is more innovation in the web design trends that is paving way to 2015.

There are our predictions for Web design trends that will be followed in 2015:

Responsive Designs

This has been the norm of websites throughout 2014, viewers like to go back to such websites that are interactive. This is why WordPress themes have become successful, a theme that is designed to respond ensures maximum accessibility of your customers regardless of the devise they use, and responsive word press themes allow your website to be adaptable on any screen-size.  So far, this feature is not simply considered as a trend, it is now becoming a necessity and a new standard for creating business websites. In the near future it is predicted, undoubtedly, that Responsive Designs will continue to dominate the design market for all devises starting from desktops to small-screens.

web designMore Focus on Typography

Type kits are becoming very affordable, sometimes even free in the case of Google Fonts- this means there is more freedom for designers working with a tight budget to bring in the best in their typography skills on to the website design table. Small fonts are completely outdated leaving space for clearer large fonts.

This will enable WordPress theme designers to include more typographic flexibility in their themes. And in the coming year of 2015, everyone is expecting to see more WordPress sites with clear large texts and Stylish typography.

Full Width Background Images

A creative way that has been used by several website developers in the past year is by bringing their designs to life with the help and use of page-width imagery , and a hi-definition photo as the background. Large images are vivid and eye catching, that is why they attract more audiences and makes the ones who are on your web page stay for a longer duration

This also means that in 2015, probably, many full width background images are going to be used to gain more viewership.


While this trend is not firmly a “visual trend”, web developers are going to make such websites that render faster and faster. Technical Dev Ops skills aside, there’s a lot that can be done in the CSS and JavaScript build out to assist in making things run more efficiently. In 2015 sites that take too long to load, and don’t have the proper design elements in place, won’t work.

The Halloween Mash up for the social networks

This blog is for fun purposes only. It presents the idea what if the social networks were horror movies. Often the idea of sharing data gets bizarre when there are not enough privacy settings to protect the audience data and secure their information. It is a horror movie in itself when people share their data, post images and the data and images gets stolen and are posted online somewhere else. This is about freaky social media.

But, a social media can be non-freaky when you add common sense with good security measures. All the difference in the online world! This guide is about some of the strategic practices and proper guide of where to start. In the occasion of Halloween, this post presents you some creepy horror movies mashed up with social networks. Just for Halloween amusement!


This social network is linked with the Hitchcock’s classic film, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, as it is named. This fits with the birdy logo design of Twitter and represents the menacing birds of the movie which turns vicious on people.
twitter halloween logo


For this social network, an ultra-creepy looking villain is chosen from the movie ‘Hell raiser’. The villain’s look and character instantly ties with the Pinterest where the social users look to save and share their pins to their profiles.
facebook halloween

tumblr_ltycqoIOM41qm4rc3This social network is associated with ‘The Blair Witch Project’ which incorporated the one long, shaky selfie video. Instagram suited this movie as it itself encourage the selfie-friendly socialization.


This professional social network is linked with the movie ‘American Psycho’ where the character Patrick Batman is the psychotic killer, who on the outside is a sharply-dressed businesses man, over-obsessed over details.
LinkediN halloween

This social network is linked with the movie ‘The Shining’. The crazy character Jack Torrance sticks his face through the door. This is an iconic horror film image.

social halloween


The most freaky horror character of all times, Samara, the girl who crawls out of well in ‘The Ring’ is linked with the highly ranked video search engine, YouTube. The movie revolves around a cursed video tape but since gone are the VHS days, this movie is associated with YouTube instead. It brings in the creepy thought if a cursed clip goes viral!
youtube halloween

halloween effect
So, this was about the Halloween mash up of the highly used social networking sites to have social-Halloween fun. Let us know what you think about the ideas.

Images Courtesy by Ryan Holmes

Your E-commerce website must be search engine optimized

The time for online buying and selling is up roaring. Now is the time when you can convert your web browsing viewers into your web buyers.  It’s the time for online retailers and buyers both to come on a totally functional, easy to use eCommerce website. So the first thing to do is get an online shopping store developed with an exceptional design and all the all the futures of browsing and online buying working properly.  The second thing is to get that website on all the most popular search engines Amazon won’t be Amazon if it was not showing on Google when you searched the term eCommerce website or online buying. So make a search engine friendly and fully optimized website for all your clients.

Great online stores are those that are easy to manage, they look great and they are persuasive converting browsers into buyers. Following are the most popular features that make an e-commerce portal into a success story:


All the eCommerce website have a unique professional goal to achieve, therefore your website should have the feature of tracking down buying behaviors of web buyers, this will tell you best about the how serve your customers in a satisfactory way and enhance revenue. For this you will need a design code, with this code it will be easy to track information of shipping and payments methods used by or can be used by your business.

Well-designed Features:

Pre-designed eCommerce web layouts offer limited features only just to make the design look universal. But this may not attract or appeal your target audience. Some online buying and selling websites are developed in a very messy way with a lot of information overload, making everything unclear, a proper eCommerce layout is the one that is made up well designed features fine tuning your company to customer specific needs. It is obvious that all features won’t work all at once some will work and others won’t.  With the help of a custom-made design you can take advantage of different coding strategies. Mostly, the company (you) will be able to integrate more features that promotes development and creativity with such well- designed eCommerce websites.

Marketing should be at best:

When getting a customized eCommerce web design, go for such an eCommerce design that can be capitalized with proper internet marketing strategies within the coding.  All your websites should be made in a SEO friendly manner, the best thing is to hire a professional SEO who does all the on and off page changes as and when needed. A customized code can increase the advantages on the search engines in this regard.


This article explains about the importance of eCommerce websites, it also tells you about the fact that these websites have been revolutionized into customizable portals so as to better serve the consumers and strengthen profit potential of online businesses with the help of certain features that if added on an online portal will give best results to make online businesses truly flourish in the market.

Define your brand by quality stationary

Design your stationary in a style like you would style your best cloths designed. Professionally, Yes. Once you get your stationary designed it will literally pay of off every time you do a business interaction or use your designed stationary for any business purpose. Believe it or not stationary does play a significant role in setting an impression on people of importance like your clients, dealers, competitors, employers etc.

Have you ever receive a business card, brochure or used a pen of brand and thought ‘What cheap quality stationary,’ and immediately concluded them to be untrusting and formed a low image of their brand? That can happen to you too, easily if you don’t get decent looking, quality-screaming stationary for yourself and your company. That’s how important it is. Just as cars, bags, designer shoes and cloths, designer stationary will too sweep people off their feet when they interact with you, leaving a long-lasting, good impression. Nothing really compares to well-designed stationary to make your business look trustworthy and remarkable.

Adding business stationary with interesting and classy look will promptly expand your brand’s image and promotional plan within and ahead the market. Whenever you send invitations through brochures and cards make sure your envelopes and the cards itself are neatly piled, designed and easily readable. Your business cards should not be glimmering and too fancy that over lapses your business look and looks more like a wedding invitation. A business card should remain a business card without any over dressing or too many details that the reader becomes confused have not gotten the grip of the main point If you want your customers to come to your business themselves then just send some invitations to one of you events with nice cards that scream QUALITY.
brochure design
You know what is the smartest marketing technique for your business? Having exclusively designed business cards, brochure design flyers etc.! It will strike a thunder-like impression on your customers that they will never forget similarly post cards for your customers in another country can also market your business but only if well designed.

Therefore if you want to accomplish the next level for your brand then you must plan it. You simple pick a professional designing stationary agency that will bring quality into your business and your clients will immediately be drawn to your products and would want to know more, quality would also generate trust in them and they will feel less hesitant and doubtful to approach you.

Logo Design 24/7 provides you the best stationary designing’s service in the whole market! We provide precisely what your brand needs; QUALITY. Go to our website for more information.

Every Business Must Have A Presence On Social Networking Websites

It is important for all businesses to have a social media presence and be on social networking websites for this purpose. The experience of online social interactions has evolved and enhanced itself greatly it’s not just limited to teenagers wanting to interact with new people. People of all ages and all backgrounds have discovered that they can improve their lives or stay better connected with the world outside their reach through the contacts they make on social networking website.

A social networking website is a simple process of growing the number of people you know by meeting your friends’ friends, their friends’ friends and so on. Many of us have a social presence on Twitter and Facebook to promote our existing and upcoming businesses.

Such people who are looking to connect with other businesses or contacts with other business peers also use sites like LinkedIn, but the big thing to observe is that social media and its importance are far beyond Facebook LinkedIn and having blogs. It’s a land of various interactive websites that give you the opportunity to connect. I will give you ten more examples of such sites:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social utility that connects folks with their buddies and others who work, study and live around them. Folks use Facebook to keep up with buddies, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

2. MySpace:

This is a renowned network for having a social media presence. It gives the opportunity to connect with friends and add more friends in your space from all over. Also you can make your customized blog.

3. Twitter:

Twitter is an exceptionally simple interface; it is quickly turning into a standout amongst the most talked-about interpersonal interaction administration suppliers. After making a record on Twitter, you can utilize the administration to post and gain messages to a system of contacts, which is superior to composing and perusing mass message messages.

4. Bebo:

This is a website mostly used in the United Kingdom; it is the second best social network over there. Bebo allows users to create social networking profiles for free.

5. Hi5 or Tagged:

This website is also one of the known social media networking website. It gives an option to of being present in online communities.

6. Flixster:

It’s a social networking site for all the movie fans. It gives an option to all the users to make their profiles, invite friends in there, and rate movies and actors, and post movie reviews for the films they’ve viewed.

7. Multiply:

This is a very vibrant social website it’s actually a one stop shopping destination, it’s an interface where buyers and sellers connect with each other and the whole process becomes faster and more convenient.

If you want to possess a website developed for social networking, choose Logo Design 24/7, In order to make your Website Design to the highest in today’s competitive world, you would like to boost up your traffic activities, generate sensible leads and manage your website’s content as well.