The famous logo design controversy of 2012 Olympics

Any logo can go bad, no matter how much you invest. Lack of the effectiveness and the simple creativity fails the logo and the brand and even the customers. Such a blunder was made in 2012 London Olympics. When the logo was presented, people went in shock, not because it was too good but because it was too bad. The Olympics in general faced the controversy and tragedy due to the failed logo. It was criticized for its radical design and even considered as a religious uproar when people highlighted that the logo represents the word ‘Zion’ hidden in the text.

olympics logo design

Apart from the criticism, there is still a lot to learn from the pitfalls of 2012 Olympic logo design in London. We need to look at what really went wrong so we learn and apply the concepts driven in our future logos.

Olympic logo is important as it introduces the brand identity of the traditional gaming competition and attracts the global audience and makes the city fall under a global spotlight. It generally reflects the city, the sense of the games and the time period. It also reflects the hoist country’s values and culture. The London Olympics logo failed in all the categories. With its bright pink and yellow color, it brought a sense of excitement and energy in the logo but that’s about it. There was no significant association with the popular games, Olympics. There was no association with London’s culture, history and values. There was nothing special, surprising and amazing about the design, in short. The design simply implies the year 2012 without any clear concept and message delivered. Even the digits 2012 are so bizarrely placed and shaped that it didn’t have the appeal and legibility.

The logo design lacks modernity, culture and value of the London city, and fails to captivate and stun the audience. What actually should have been the reality?

  • It must have reflected the era with different sensation in a traditional or folk style of London. This way you have a deadly combination of modernism with folk
  • Effective use of symbols and letters must have given a deeper meaning to the logo, which it didn’t
  • The color must reflect the optimism and dynamic culture of London city in 2012 era
  • Font must reflect the effectiveness and significance with modern and sleek choice and stylized design
  • It should establish the brand identity strongly with creative patterns and effective representation of the logo concept and the modernism

All in all, the logo has failed to represent the culture, the style of 2012 and the excitement of Olympics. But do not let your business logo fails like this. Choose wisely. Select the professional logo creators of Logo Design 24/7 and get effective logo within specific time period with quality, credibility, uniqueness and effectiveness; all at affordable prices.


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